Sunday’s are for Creating and Relaxing, the best way for me to relax is to Bake up some treats and that’s exactly what I did. Same recipe I have been using the entire year Simple and Delicious Bread every single time. Home Cooks you will not stress trying to make bread, Simple Home Cook friendly […]

Limber De Coco ( Coconut Ice )Refreshing little treat enjoyed during these hot Summer Days.The coconut flavored mixture is prepared with coconut milk and is traditionally poured into ice cube trays or small plastic cups and placed in the freezer overnight. Ingredients3 cups of coconut milk1 cup of evaporated milkΒ½ cup water1 1/2 half cups […]

I often feel that warm salads are not made enough. This delicious Warm shrimp Simply Seasoned with Mediterranean Spice blend. Simply mix dried thyme, dried oregano, granulated garlic, black pepper, ground coriander, cumin, hot or sweet smoked Spanish paprika and salt. Toss the shrimp in a skillet lightly oiled with a Tsp. Of olive oil […]