Meal Planning & Meal Prepping through a Pandemic

Meal Prepping doesn’t have to be that hard but it does take dedication and discipline.

How am I Meal Prepping during a pandemic?

To be completely honest at first it was extremely difficult. Especially since Meal prepping and Meal Planning have been what I did consistently for the past two years. One of which I decided to turn that passion for Planned Meals into a Small Business.

The freedom of Planning a Menu knowing that I can get all of my ingredients was a huge part of my Business.

Now I have to Prep and Plan around the chances that just because I “Add” to Cart there is a huge possibility I may not get the item or a substitute will be given for the item.

For instance I will plan my weekly menu including all three meals for the 5 days leaving two days open to getting take out and supporting a local business.

That’s approximately 15 meals give or take. I try to be consistent but not boring with my ingredients.

I will make a meal plan such as

Example Breakfast- Egg Sandwich

Ingredients- Eggs, English muffin, Canadian Bacon ect..

I will incorporate 2-3 more Meal Plans that will use Eggs, Fresh Spinach, Canadian Bacon that way I am using my ingredients for more than one meal in another meal.

Are you following, I may plan a lunch using Canadian Bacon, Potatoes and Sauté Spinach.

After I have made my Meal Plan Menu I will grocery shop add my items to cart allowing enough time week prior for delivery. That will allow me to receive all my ingredients prior to that following Sunday, which begins a new week.

Now to answer any questions how frequent does this happen? It’s a revolving door, every week I am ordering food from Dairy, Seafood, Poultry, Beef , Fresh Fruits, Fresh Herbs. Most of the Pantry ingredients are ordered less due to bulk stocking of these staples that are used more frequently. Such as Pasta, Grains, Flour, Sugar, Can Beans ect.

With the fruit and Vegetables it’s very hard because most of the time they are ripe when they I receive them. If that happens I just move the Menu around and cook the meal that requires the ingredients that need to be used sooner.

Hopefully in time things will be back to Regular Normal just seems a little overrated right now.

When that happens I will be back and open for business again right now it is just not cost efficient and I can only manage my family.

On average it seems we are spending a huge chunk on groceries, on the positive side I am optimistic that my business will expand in the coming year.

It may take more work and feel like I am starting all over again but it will be worth it to do what I love and be able to share that.

God always has a plan, just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So if you can’t see what that plan is at the current moment believe in its existence in due time it will come.

Stay Safe & Keep Cooking

Simply Kathy

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