Meal Prepping & Eating Healthy during Quarantine

Meal Prepping and Eating Healthy during Quarantine
Meal prepping has been a huge part of the fitness movement. We all keep seeing perfectly assembled rows of Meal Prep containers mostly filled with proteins, vegetables and healthy carbs.
This is basically the most common image people conjure in their heads when they think of Meal Prepping.
I am here to Tell and Show you that it doesn’t have to look “Perfect”. While working from home, homeschooling, caring for the kids, maintaining a sanitized home and keeping food on the table It can be done Simply and being “Insta” worthy isn’t a requirement here!! You can start small and work your way up.
Try choosing at least 2-4 days a week to Meal Prep. Most people overwhelmingly try to Meal Prep for the entire week without having a plan.
This can become frustrating and cause you to just stop and give up.
Key is to make it as simple and easy as possible. First pick a lean protein, then a healthy carbohydrate like brown rice or sweet potatoes, and last choose tons of green, leafy vegetables.
If you are at home with children, like myself and my child is very selective AKA “Picky Eater”; another way to make meal-prep more enjoyable is to make it a part of the daily routine.
Get the kids involved and make it a family affair. Allow the little ones to perform simple task like placing the Meal Prep containers in rows or spooning out each day’s food portion into its designated container. This is great for the older kids teaches them measuring skills and portion control.
Once you have a few “Simple” recipes, the meal-prep process will become a part of your daily routine.
Check out some Simple Recipes on my Blog or feel free to send me a message if you would like some helpful tips.

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