Immunity Boosting Juices For Kids!

Back to School Edition, whether they are F2F learning or Virtually Online. Keeping our families safe and healthy have been number one priority.

I am going to give credit to these different juices for helping us stay healthy.

They are filled with immunity builders such as lemon, ginger, turmeric, carrots, oranges and beets these juices are packed with nutrients.
They are also delicious, my son and granddaughter happily drink them every morning along with their breakfast.

1. The Green Giant

1 broccoli stem ( not the floret) 1 cucumber 2-3 kale leaves or a handful of fresh baby spinach. 3 pears or apples, the juice of 1 whole large lemon.

2. Orange you glad you drank this

3 oranges peeled and quartered 5 medium carrots 2 apples quartered (optional) pinch of powder turmeric

3. Let’s learn our ABC’s my personal favorite Apples Beets Carrots the ABC’s of healthy.

3 Apples 1 small Beet 3 medium Carrots 1 cup of pineapple chunks ( canned are fine ) you can also add 2 tsp. Of Elderberry Syrup ( optional )

I would never recommend anything I have not personally tried. Trust me when I say this has been very beneficial.

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