Learning Vegan a Little at a Time ( Introducing my Body to a Healthier Way )

Here are a few meals I have been making the past two weeks. Simple and quick to get me started on this journey. Most of the time the battle is planning and we become discouraged. I have taken this on as a DIY project. Instead of my home but for myself, it’s not the physical appearance I want to change it is the inner appearance that needs to be changed. Every journey has to begin with YOU accepting the wrong, for me it was hard because I am never wrong haha. I now can have a sense of humor because I know I can change this!!

Bruschetta Salmon Burger with Sweet Chili Sriracha, Roasted Potatoes & Asparagus
Chick Pea ( Garbanzo Bean ) salad on Multigrain Bread
Porta Bello Mushrooms With Vegetable Stuffing no oils or butter
White Corn Meal Pancakes with Strawberry Jam

Fact did you know that Smuckers Jellies and Jams are Vegan.

No Bake Vegan Energy Balls
Quinoa White Bean Vegetable Soup
This was my first meal I made and even my husband ate it!! And he is a meat and potatoes kinda man!
Potato Vegetable Hash with Nutritional Yeast for a Cheese 🧀 flavor
Tofu Scramble with Veggies

This was very good, if I may be honest Tofu for me is a texture thing so I am not much of a fan.

Lean Chicken Chipotle Bowl
Spinach Shrimp Veggie Pasta
Eating Healthy shouldn’t be discouraging, it should be something you can enjoy!
Elevated Tatar Tots without the oil or unwanted fat! Loaded Tots with Veggies are my favorite breakfast! Trust me on this
There is nothing wrong with a healthy snack of Fresh Fruit with a drizzle of honey & almonds
Shrimp Tacos, at a fiesta you can still enjoy something that will work for your body. Corn tortillas instead of flour all veggies and shrimp it’s ok if it’s good for you! Small steps equal big results
Simple loaded Green Salad can be a mouthful
Midday snack, have a Plant Protein Shake don’t ignore the grumbles of the tummy
Fresh shrimp with veggies
Grilled Salmon Three Grain Rice ( Brown, Wild & Quinoa) Yellow Squash Carrots and a side Salad. This meal allows me to stay satisfied and not relapse after 7pm.
Cravings Satisfied with these Cauliflower Buffalo Bites Sweet Potato Fries. This was legit and no need for ranch dressing the favors, textures were fooling my palate to believe I was at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Vegetable Lettuce Cups with Taco Seasoning some Guac for the win

Everyday is a new beginning take advantage of the opportunities you have, don’t miss on living the best life you possibly can. Learn from your mistakes, stop making excuses and know your worth it!! As a mom, wife and Home Chef I put the needs of everyone else first, I was determined to help everyone around me, neglecting to see the ONE person who needed the most attention. It is not easy to admit when we are wrong with ourselves, it is not easy to accept the negative but when we can change the negative into a positive we can move forward!

Cooking for my health is a daily goal, follow me on Instagram @simply_w_kathy for more Simply meal ideas. Most of the recipes are posted there.

Healthy Restart with Simply Kathy

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