Overcoming Set Backs & Regaining the Ability to Restart Again

Avocado Toast With a Cucumber Slaw

Hello y’all it’s been a hot minute since I have posted a new recipe. Things have been very busy in the Simply Kathy Casa! Cooking up some new meals. Recently I started removing meat from my diet. I am two weeks in to this journey. I have not completely transitioned to Vegan yet. That is a goal I am wanting to achieve as I end the year 2020 and enter 2021 with a Better Healthier Lifestyle.

I have been eating Fish and on occasion a lean piece of chicken in a salad. Mostly cooking meals consisting of vegetables no oils or fats. Learning Vegan has became one of the goals I have been wanting to achieve. I have noticed that as I get older and with age comes many changes. One of the most noticeable changes is weight gain. Our bodies metabolism starts to slow DOWN, like drastically. Eating food high in fat, calories, sugars just don’t digest as well and seems to find a place on the body where it is physically noticeable. These extra pounds start to interfere tremendously on the balance of things.

Tipping the scales I have never been one to calculate the amount of weight with the size of my clothing. Most clothing run different especially pants. For me size doesn’t matter what does is feeling comfortable in what I am wearing. I Began to notice I was wearing the same size but not feeling comfortable. The waste Waist I call it, so much accumulation storing in the mid section of our bodies. A true sign we may be keeping to much fat’s and they are dormant. Recently I had my physical and I was not happy with my lab results. So many questions I had pertaining to my Lipid Panel Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Glucose to mention a few. The numbers were not matching my lifestyle.

On an average day I would actually eat 2 meals, I would skip many meals. I wouldn’t eat many processed foods nor take out. What I was doing is not eating enough and not eating for my body. Here is an example of what a daily routine for me was like:

Wake up at 6:30-7:30 am, brew some coffee by 9am I would have my coffee mind you while moving about the house doing 1 in a million task. By 11 finish my coffee by then it was iced cold. At 12 grab some food usually eggs because I thought that would be the healthiest for me, toast piece of Turkey bacon. I would feed that grumbling stomach and begin working again, moving about my day. Drinking only water by 4 pm I still haven’t had anything to eat and drank about 4-6 16oz. bottles of water. Once I would stop doing a daily task I would become hungry, hence ignoring my hunger prior hours. I would grab a snack such as a handful of pretzels, some cheese, nuts maybe some chips. Still drinking my water, thinking the cheese nuts pretzels are not bad cause I only had a small breakfast at noon. Leaving my body pretty much starving through the day. By the evening when it was time to cook I would fill up by sampling the food. I would take a small portion of whatever I cooked for dinner and most of the times it was a dinner high in calories or fat because my senses were craving those types of food, not just any food but food my body didn’t need. A medium rare steak, mashed potatoes and as if the salad would make a difference. I kept telling myself this was good and enough for my body. Over time I could see it was beginning to SLOW me down. I was feeling less motivated, uncomfortable in my own skin. I identified it as “my body is just going through it’s thing, menopause”; on the contrary my body was suffering. I have deprived myself of what it truly needed and what it actually wanted.

After hearing my results, it took me a while to figure out where I went so wrong. When you are told your sugar is high, and classified as Type 2 Diabetes, you pause I took note and said to myself How?? Although I wasn’t shoving Twinkies in my mouth or globs of sugary snacks, I was doing something for those numbers to rise. Loading on protein wasn’t the solution for me, skipping meals or having minimal calories obviously didn’t help. In fact doing all of this caused the weight gain, maybe it wasn’t drastic but it was there in the midsection to remind me I wasn’t loosing it!!! After long thinking, crying, yes crying a lot being frustrated, disappointed in myself. I had the courage to say “ I failed ME” it wasn’t until then I reached clarity.

Here I am two weeks in to this Plant Based, Vegan Beginning Life and I feel optimistic, my body is responding it’s talking to me!! My gut is saying goodbye to what it doesn’t need and keeping it gone. I feel like I have lost unwanted weight that I almost was ready to accept. It will take time to feel my best again, as I must now address my dietary changes to accommodate my healthy mind set. I know that making a change and completely dedicating to it will reverse those unwanted numbers. Everyone has a set back and everyone is entitled to feel disappointed, but do not accept some changes that will make you feel unhappy.

I had the ability to accept I was wrong and my body needed more than what I was giving it. I now eat for my health and hope to look back at this one day as just a set back.

Simply Kathy

3 thoughts on “Overcoming Set Backs & Regaining the Ability to Restart Again

  1. Very interesting to read Kathy , I’m the same skip meals because don’t have the time , make toast or have a banana or crisps .
    I tend to put weight around my middle , I definitely want to try this avocado meal.
    Marie xx

    1. I will post some more meals I have to tell you two weeks in I am feeling great!! I used to wake up bloated and now my belly is fairly flat. I am beginning to feel confident again.

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